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  • RPCV, Winter Heath, Pedals for Pathways

    Winter and her friend Michelle grew up together in the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire. After high school they each pursued degrees at the University of Vermont. Shortly after graduation, their paths separated.

  • South African Wonder Woman

    Award-winning novelist (“The Shining Girls,” “Zoo City”), Lauren Beukes has created a Wonder Woman comic for South African audiences. After being approached by Kristy Quinn, an editor at DC Comics requesting “a South African take on Wonder Woman” Buekes, “Threw [sic] in some classic Wonder Woman villains like Cheetah and Circe; sisterly rivalry; a self-made kid heroine in Soweto; invisible jets; and the chance to turn Superman into Super Pig. It all came together. ” Beukes’s story has Wonder Woman taking an adventure in the imagination of a young black South African girl named Soweto.

  • Summit of African Union focuses on Women's Empowerment

    The 24th Session of the Summit of the African Union took place between January 23 – 31 with the theme, “Year of Women’s Empowerment and Development towards Africa’s Agenda 2063.” It concluded on the 31 with remarks made by the newly elected Chairperson of the African Union, H.E Robert Mugabe who is also the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, calling for adopting the AU Agenda 2063 framework and stating that women and youth are the greatest asset for Africa.