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Thank you so much for your  donation. Every donation helps us support a girl in school.  Each year of schooling brings us closer to our goal of helping young women find a path out of poverty, and becoming empowered to lift their communities as well.


Pathways Togo is growing in exciting ways. We’ve added staff in Togo, and we’ve begun to work more closely with PCVs working as media specialists to bring stories about our scholars to our support base here in the States.   Your contributions help us to grow and plan with confidence knowing that we can meet our scholars’ needs not only for basic tuition, but for school supplies, uniforms and mentoring, as well as support our Togo-based staff in their important work with our scholars.

 Yours in Empowerment,

Pathways Togo Board of Directors

Executive Director, Danielle Naugle, RPCV ‘07-’10
Stephanie Palmer, RPCV ‘01-’04                                             
Laurie Segel-Moss, RPCV ‘01-’03                                                
Nancy Cavillones                                                          
Kyra Turner-Zogbekor, RPCV ‘01-’03                                          
Nadia McInnis, RPCV ‘07-'08
Camilla Pearson, RPCV ‘09-’11
Alice V. Koehler, RPCV '02-'04
Patrick Roisen, RPCV '12-'14
Megan McCleary Boydston, RPCV '09-'11
Joseph Mahach, RPCV '09-'11

Pathways Togo is a registered tax-exempt organization. We are committed to responsible, sustainable programs that work in partnership with local communities and existing schools.  

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